CARN DE CAP is an annual literary magazine published by Escola Bloom. Each issue works as an answer to a different concept (proposal) and can contain both creative work and criticism. In the first issue of CARN DE CAP fourteen authors have rewritten, interpreted or intervened in «El meu germà», the opening short story from El millor dels mons (2001) by Quim Monzó. The story follows a man who has to pretend that his younger brother's corpse is a living human being, and who ends up getting dangerously used to it. The fourteen authors' interventions aim to reread Monzo's story as the account of something we all know is dead but won't admit it. Romantic love, for instance. Or liberal democracy. Or the health of our planet. This volume also comes with the original Monzó story published as an independent booklet which the reader can move around the magazine just like the narrator moves his brother's body in the story.

Published by Escola Bloom


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Borja Baguanyà, Lana Bastasic, Max Besora, Mar Bosch olivera, David Gávez, Cristina Morales, Víctor García Tur, Anna Gual, Rubén Martíne Giráldez, Joan Jordi Miralles, Lucia Pietrelli, Jaume C. Pons Alorda, Adrià Pujol Cruells, Carles Rebassa.